About Me

I might be one of the luckiest people you’ll ever meet. I love what I do and I’ve worked with the most passionate and diverse clients imaginable.


What comprises the foundation and credentials of Wendy Crawford Writes?  Years of experience and a few firm beliefs …

Beliefs first -

How you convey your brand to current and potential customers can make or break the most diligent of efforts. To be truly effective, the copy you use for any venue involves far more than words. Behind each carefully honed word your marketing partner must have a comprehensive understanding of the optimum market for your products and services, of the image you want to portray and the strategic planning needed to get you there.

My calculated business approach is to create a long-term professional relationship with you to ensure your business grows with brand recognition and continuity throughout each and every marketing campaign—no matter how small or large the endeavor is.

One day, after many years in the corporate world as a proven writer, I conceived of the goal to create, develop, and execute my own marketing strategies for my own clients. As principal at Wendy Crawford Writes, I have been a freelance writer for more than ten years now. I love to use my power to write and am happiest when I can implement clients’ visions to positively impact their bottom line and to create raving, loyal fans of their brand. What began as a part-time freelancing goal has become a full-time career reality as a writer.

At Wendy Crawford Writes, I’ve been successful at implementing marketing strategies in many areas:

Within the last ten years, Wendy Crawford Writes has creatively and successfully collaborated with a diverse pool of clients:

As principal at Wendy Crawford Writes, I believe in intimately learning your business. From researching, investigating, and interviewing, I take the time necessary to fully understand YOUR industry; YOUR unique needs, YOUR specific goals. I welcome the opportunity to bring you into my professional network of successful clients.

My utmost criteria for a great client are your willingness to communicate and your eagerness to collaborate. Without your input, no writer can bring your ideas to life; no writer can elevate your brand; no writer can positively impact your revenue streams. In other words, great writing and exceptional results don’t happen in a vacuum. More so, without communication and collaboration, you and I can’t create the next big miracle that is imploding to go viral.

Call or email me today. Let’s see where the possibilities take us!